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Cleaning Supplies & Equipment

Wide Range of Cleaning Supplies & Equipment


Based in Greater Manchester and offering regional coverage we supply quality affordable cleaning supplies and hygiene products to both domestic and commercial clients. Whether you are looking for a new mopping system or specific cleaning chemicals or equipment for your trade, Absolute Clean Janitorial’s is the only company you need.

We stock a vast range of cleaning supplies, chemicals, consumables and equipment tried and tested in our sister business Absolute Clean Manchester since 2003.

We know what works better than most!

Have a look at our huge product range or if you would like to discuss ordering our cleaning supplies & equipment, call today on 01706 412199.

Cleaning products
Washing Up Liquids
Green / Lemon Washing Up Liquid
20% Green / Lemon Washing Up Liquid
Bacterial Detergent
Pine Disinfectant
Floral Disinfectant
Lemon Disinfectant
Kennel Cleaner
Germicidal Disinfectant
Cherry Deodoriser
Pear Drop Deodoriser
Peppermint Deodoriser
Lavender Deodoriser
Lemon Perfume (1 LTR)
Lemon Perfume (5 LTR)
Black Fluid
Thick Bleach
Sodium Hypochlorite (25 LTR)
Sodium Hypochlorite (1000 LTR)
Hard Surface Cleaners
Multi Purpose Sanitiser
Hard Surface Cleaner
Pinejel Cleaner
Lemjel Cleaner
Applejel Cleaner
Orangel Floor Gel
Lavengel Floor Gel
Descaler & Tarnish Remover
Heavy Duty Degreaser
Hydrochloric Acid (25 LTR)
Brick Cleaner
Oven Cleaner
Patio Cleaner
Astro Turf Cleaner
UPVC Cleaner
Caravan Cleaner
Multi Purpose Degreaser
General Purpose Cleaner
Citrus Surface Cleaner
Kitchen Cleaner
Laundry Care
Laundry Liquid
Laundry Liquid (25 LTR)
Fabric Softener
Velvet Fabric Softener
Car Care
Wash & Wax
Wash & Wax (25 LTR)
Traffic Film Remover (non caustic)
Traffic Film Remover
Traffic Film Remover (25LTR)
Traffic Film Remover (200 LTR)
Traffic Film Remover (1000 LTR)
Screen Wash
Alloy Wheel Cleaner
Alloy Wheel Cleaner (25 LTR)
Vinyl & Rubber Dressing
Hand Care
Liquid Hand Soap
Bactericidal Hand Soap
Beaded Hand Gel (4KG)
Beaded Hand Gel (10KG)
Guest Toilet Soap (Box 144)
Buttermilk Soap Box (Box 72)
Glass Care
Liquid Detergent Steriliser
Machine Liquid Detergent
Machine Liquid Detergent (25 LTR)
Liquid Machine Rinse Aid
Liquid Machine Rinse Aid (25 LTR)
Dishwash Liquid
Dishwash Liquid (25 LTR)
Beer Line Cleaner
Chlorinated Beerline Cleaner
Coloured Beerline Cleaner
Window / Glass Cleaner
Toilet Cleaners
Toilet Cleaner
In-Cistern Blocks (4 Pack)
Porta Loo – (2 LTR)
Deodorant Toilet Block (3KG)
Carpet Cleaners
Carpet Shampoo
Carpet Extraction Cleaner
Powder Products
Non Bio Laundry Powder (10KG)
Boi Laundry Powder (10KG)
Dishwasher Powder (10KG)
Yellow Degreaser (10KG)
Pink Sanitiser (10KG)
Renew Powder (2KG)
Caustic Pearl (10KG) Bucket
Caustic Pearl (25KG) Bag
Paper Products
Toilet Rolls (40 Pack)
Jumbo Toilet Roll 214 & 3″ (6)
Mini Jumbo Rolls 214 & 3″ Core (12)
Bulk Pack Toilet Tissue
Kitchen Rolls (24 Pack)
Centre Feed Hand Towel (6) Blue
Centre Feed Hand Towel – White
Mini Centre Feed H/Towel – (12) White
C Fold Hand Towel
Monster Rolls (2)
Burgundy Napkins 2 Ply (Box 2000)
Buttermilk Napkins 2 Ply (Box 2000)
White Napkins 2 Ply (Box 2000)
White Napkins 1 Ply (Box 5000)
Red Diesel
Multi Surface Charm Polish
Air Freshener
Air Freshener Power Nozzle 750ML
Fly Spray
Yellow Dusters (8 Pack)
Car Sponge (Each)
Bleached Dishcloths (5 Pack)
Rags (Bag)
Brillow Pads (10 Pack)
Steel Scourers (10 Pack)
Glitter Scourers (3 Pack)
Green Scourers (10 Pack)
Sponge Scourers (10 Pack)
14 Ply Mop-head
16 Ply Kentucky Mop-head
Kentucky Mop Handle
Kentucky Mop Ringer
Plastic Mop Bucket
Wooden Brush & Handle
Plastic Brush & Handle
Dustpan & Brush
Metal Shovel
Brush Stale
Wooden Brush Head
Powdered Gloves (Box 100)
Powder Free Gloves (Box 100)
Disposable Aprons (100)
Disposable Aprons (1000)
Plastic Cutlery (Pack 100)
Centre Feed Dispenser
Soap Dispenser
C Fold Dispenser
Bulk Pack Dispenser
Jumbo 12″ Dispenser (Fits 214 & 3″
Mini Jumbo 8″ Dispenser (Fits 214 & 3″
Box of Black Bags (25 Rolls)
Roll of Black Bags
Rock Salt (25KG Bag)

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Absolute Clean Janitorial's are based in Manchester and provide all janitorial equipment, chemicals and consumables delivered direct to your business. Ideal for all offices, cleaning companies and trade.

Free** Delivery within Greater Manchester.


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